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About Fagans Cafe Ellesmere Port

No sandwich takeaway restaurant in town matches our yummy dishes and excellent service delivery. Our well-prepared foods will kill your hunger pangs and satisfy your cravings. Try our luscious meals today and discover why we are the finest restaurant in town. We started small, and over time, we have grown to become a force to reckon with in the food industry. The journey was not easy; it took us patience, commitment and extra effort to be in our position. It took us even longer to build our reputation, and we are determined to maintain it at all costs. Before we started out, we noticed the shortage of decent restaurants in Ellesmere Port. We combined our different skills to meet the rising demand from the locals. Join us for a fix of hot and spicy dishes that will leave you begging for more. With the changing needs of our clients, we have the experience required to offer them tailored food solutions. It may appear exhausting to you, but cooking is the only thing we know how to do best. When you have the passion for your job, you go to great heights just to satisfy your clients.

Fagans Cafe Ellesmere Port Restaurant

When cravings strike, come to Unit 5, Evans Business Park, North Road, Ellesmere Port CH65 1AE. What’s even better is that we will deliver right to your doorstep while still hot. Fagan's Café delivers to vast parts of the city. We are known for exemplary service and fast delivery. Come and find out why we are the best place to eat. To place an order online, just click the order button on our website. Our customers requested for an app, and we acted on it. We have developed apps to revolutionise user experience through simplifying the ordering process. It is now possible to order for breakfast from the comfort of your house using your smartphone. To download our optimised app, go to App Store or Google Play. Order today and have a taste of our available specialities.
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